Sunday, February 14, 2010

This week was a big week for Peyton as she had her first immunization shots for her 2 month checkup. After a few minutes of discomfort, Peyton was back to normal. Her next shots are in April for her 4 month check up, can't wait.

"...Today is Valentine's Day and Mommy and Daddy took me to the mall. So we ate some sandwiches and then got my ears pierced. Ohhhh that hurt! But after a few minutes I was back in my stroller and cruising throught the mall. You can see in my newest pictures and/or video (if daddy ever uploaded it) my new earrings are glowing from both ears.

This is a big week around the Silverwood household, we are getting ready for Uncle Geoff and Auntie Kristin to come to town next week. But more importantly, my cousin Maya is coming too. Finally someone that understands what I am saying all the time. My mommy and daddy don't always know what I am trying to say, I mean I try to cry as loud as possible so that they will understand to change my diaper...but it takes them awhile to catch on. Now with Maya being here she can better help communicate to mommy and daddy. I can't wait.

Well it is my bedtime and I am trying to tell mommy to feed me quick so I can try for 4 nights in a row without waking up. We'll cross our fingers. See ya everyone!"

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  1. We can't wait to meet you Peyton!!!! We'll see you in two days!!!! Love, Auntie Kristin