Saturday, February 6, 2010

2 months old

Hello everyone, today is February 6, 2009 and I am 2 months old (almost 9 weeks however). I saw today that Grandma and Granddad had over 20 inches of snow...pretty neat. I am happy that Daddy is back from Vegas and I can still go to college someday. Mommy and Daddy are excited that I smile a whole lot now. I tend to regularly smile in the mornings when I wake up. Today I am going to lay in the swing and nap, then I will play on my mat with Sam. I can't go out and play today as it is raining, so heads up east coasters, when it rains here, snow out there.
Daddy says that tomorrow is a big day and that I need to rest up. There is something called a Super Bowl. I know I am going to like it, becasue Daddy likes it. I think it is a big bowl of chile, but I can't be for sure yet as I am still too young to know. He has also been saying a lot about the Colts...I think I am going to like horseys when I get older too. I don't know what he means about the Colts are 5 point favorites...but they are favorites of mine so I will pick them. I am starting to get hungry and need to find mommy, so I will see you all later...Love Peyton

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